United Forest Products


Who we are

Established in May 2010, United Forest Products emerged as a cooperative initiated by a consortium of independent timber growers. The core objective was to create a unified platform that brings together growers, markets, sawmills, and various other stakeholders within the industry.

Over time, the company has undergone a strategic business model restructuring, expanding its scope to include other end-market users. This evolution enhances the inclusivity of our services, positioning United Forest Products as a comprehensive solution provider.

Our Mission & Vision

At United Forest Products, our mission is to impartially and without bias represent and market timber on behalf of all independent timber growers and suppliers across South Africa.

Our vision is centered on promoting profitability and sustainability for all our markets and suppliers. This is achieved through a comprehensive understanding of their operations and the intricacies of the timber industry and our agility in maintaining liquidity and adapting to market changes as they unfold. 

Our strategy revolves around uniting various stakeholders in the industry and delivering reliable and efficient services to the entire timber sector. By fostering collaboration and providing effective solutions, we aim to contribute to the success and sustainability of the timber industry as a whole.

Collaboration & Innovation

Dedicated to advancing the sustainability of independent timber growers, suppliers, contractors, and owners of small and low-intensity managed forests, United Forest Products operates with a commitment to responsible practices. Our FSC certification underscores our dedication to environmental stewardship.

Collaborating closely with both formal and informal suppliers, markets, transporters, and harvesters, we actively promote sustainable harvesting and business practices. This collaborative approach enables us to deliver high-quality timber products across a broad spectrum, contributing to sustainable practices nationwide.

Our Team

Linda De Wet

General Manager

Tangai Chandisarewa

FInancial Manager

Job Mamaru

Forestry & Marketing

Mirriam Mnisi

Debtors & Admin

Excellent Sibuyi


Louis Weber

Production & Marketing Supervisor