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Charcoal is produced from exotic Eucalyptus hardwoods (Camaldulensis, Sideroxylon, Cloeziana) and from sustainable Acacia and Eucalyptus forestry plantations.  A variety of charcoal manufacturing plants, with an average monthly capacity of 4,000 tons of charcoal produces 100% natural lump-wood charcoal, charcoal fines and powder for industrial application, domestic and restaurant use. Fixed carbon is 75-85 and moisture 5-8% and the charcoal can be screened to specific size.


Current capacity for sale and export of charcoal is up to 60 000 tons per annum.  United Forest Products would be happy to work with you to ensure supply chain efficiency for charcoal exports.

Potential Investment Opportunities in Charcoal Manufacturing

There are many opportunities for investment in the charcoal business which provide short, medium and long term solutions for the creation of robust businesses in the charcoal sector.   This sector is a major contributor to job creation and employment in the region and significant scope exists for proposals which empower individuals and startups to set up successful manufacturing plants.

The tale below is an indication  of the properties of the charcoal but this varies between species and area manufactured.


Ash(ar) Ash(d) Vol(ar) Vol(d) INH.Moist FC(d) %P Al Ca Fe K Mg Mn S Ti
1.08 1.594 16.429 19.25 5.22 79 0.067 0.009 0.03 0.133 0.487 0.106 0.134 0.022 0.004



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